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Airlines Updates

Is United Airlines Oversold After 12% Drop?-- United Pilots Say Wall Street Ignores Longterm Reality

October 21st 2017 1:33PM
Either the airline industry has not been totally restructured in the way nearly everyone in the industry believes it has, or the selloff of United shares on ...

American Airlines let stroke victim wander into traffic: suit

October 21st 2017 1:11PM
“Ms. Oriental was treated with a shocking lack of concern by American Airlines employees at a time when she needed them most,” Applebaum said in ...

Why Frontier is one of the only airlines without in-flight Wi-Fi

October 21st 2017 11:41AM
"These services are not currently available on Frontier flights," the airline website says. "We would rather pass the cost-savings on to our customers ...

Air France boss says UK must play by the EU court's rules after Brexit

October 21st 2017 11:08AM
“For Air France-KLM, and other airlines, the British market is important but it is not a huge part of our activity. I think it is more a problem for British ...

Six airlines are moving their terminals at LaGuardia Airport as construction progresses

October 21st 2017 10:33AM
With the multi-billion dollar renovation of LaGuardia Airport in high gear, six airline carriers are relocating their operations within the airports terminals ...

Cost Creep Remains American Airlines' Achilles Heel

October 21st 2017 9:48AM
In recent years, United Continental's (NYSE:UAL) perennial margin deficit relative to Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) has become a frequent topic of ...

Will Frontier Airlines Ever Offer Inflight Wi-Fi?

October 21st 2017 8:52AM
Frontier Airlines does not currently offer wireless Internet onboard any of its aircraft, making it one of the few remaining carriers in the United States ...

Saudi Airlines to operate regular Baghdad route late October

October 21st 2017 8:30AM
Passenger disembark from a plane belonging to Saudia airline, at Baghdad International Airport, in Iraq, Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017. Saudi Arabia's ...

Stocks to watch next week

October 21st 2017 7:58AM
Notable earnings reports: Hasbro (NASDAQ:HAS), Kimberly-Clark (NYSE:KMB) on October 23; McDonald's (NYSE:MCD), Eli Lilly (NYSE:LLY), ...

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Plane Sustains Damage After Collision At Toronto Airport

October 21st 2017 7:22AM
Islamabad: An airport fuel vehicle collided with the engine of a Pakistan International Airlines plane during refuelling at the Toronto Pearson ...

New Allies Acquired: The Airline Alliances You May Not Know Of

October 21st 2017 7:00AM
Many passengers have come to know the three airline alliances that currently dominate the airline industry: Star Alliance, Sky Team, and OneWorld.

Thomas Cook to launch Spanish airline

October 21st 2017 6:37AM
“With this new airline, we can adjust seasonal changes, do cost-effective planning and offer more destinations,” Thomas Cook Group chief airlines ...

'An icon, a game changer': This is how to say goodbye to a plane

October 21st 2017 6:26AM
For United Airlines of the USA, it is finally time to bid goodbye to the Boeing 747 aircraft – the jumbo jet as it has often been called. This big, beautiful ...

Rescheduled Malaysia Airlines flight to arrive in KL tomorrow

October 21st 2017 6:15AM
KUALA LUMPUR: Rescheduled Malaysia Airlines flight MH1D will depart London at 5pm (local time) Saturday and arrive in Kuala Lumpur at 1.25pm ...

United Airlines becomes latest carrier to put economy passengers in rows of 10 seats

October 21st 2017 4:56AM
If you hate the middle seat on a plane, you probably won't like the new seat configuration on United Airlines Boeing 777s. The Chicago-based ...

Mango Airlines services resume today

October 21st 2017 1:45AM
Pilots represented by the trade union Solidarity reached an agreement with the airline. An increase of 7% was agreed upon, while the airline accepted ...

KL-bound Malaysia Airlines aircraft returns to London over lavatory trouble

October 21st 2017 1:22AM
KUALA LUMPUR — A Malaysia Airlines flight en route to Kuala Lumpur made a turn back to London Saturday (Oct 21) due to malfunctioning ...

Hong Kong Airlines hints at Boeing Dreamliner order to rival Cathay Pacific in long-haul flights

October 21st 2017 1:00AM
Hong Kong Airlines has hinted at ordering new Boeing long-haul aircraft to speed its ambitious global expansion to rival Cathay Pacific Airways.

Problem with toilet forces Malaysia Airlines flight to return to London

October 20th 2017 11:41PM
PETALING JAYA: A Malaysia Airlines plane en route from London to Kuala Lumpur was forced to turn back an hour into the flight following problems ...

Dry tap forces Malaysia Airlines' London-KL flight to turn back

October 20th 2017 10:22PM
KUALA LUMPUR: Dry taps in the lavatories is said to have forced a Malaysia Airlines flight en route to Kuala Lumpur to make an air turn back to ...