Airlines Updates

Spirit Airlines Restrictions

May 26th 2017 10:33PM
Hi all, A couple of weeks ago I took a flight from Lima, Peru to Fort Lauderdale, Florida with Spirit airlines. When we went to the baggage check a few ...

Airline passenger opens door, jumps onto tarmac, authorities say

May 26th 2017 9:48PM
An airline passenger was arrested Thursday after he tried to bite a flight attendant, opened the galley door and jumped from the plane to the tarmac at ...

Man jumps onto tarmac after trying to bite American Airlines flight attendant, authorities say

May 26th 2017 8:41PM
A passenger on an American Airlines flight about to take off Thursday jumped onto the tarmac after trying to bite a flight attendant, authorities say.

Brussels Airlines Begins to Update Long-Haul Fleet With New A330-300s

May 26th 2017 8:30PM
Brussels Airlines has announced its plans to upgrade their aging fleet with modernized aircraft. The company has recently placed an order for seven ...

Phoenix-based flight attendant for American Airlines requesting uniform change, calling them 'toxic'

May 26th 2017 8:18PM
PHOENIX - A Phoenix-based flight attendant is going the extra mile for his coworkers by urging a change in American Airlines uniforms. Hawker ...

“Buddy Bears Liveried Aircraft” to Kumamoto

May 26th 2017 7:39PM
The China Airlines “Buddy Bears Liveried Aircraft” featuring Taiwan and Japan's superstar cartoon bears OhBear (Taiwan), Hero (Kaohsiung) and ...

Woman claims Delta Airlines is holding her puppy hostage

May 26th 2017 7:11PM
A Minnesota woman is speaking out against Delta Airlines, claiming her puppy has been held in custody for more than 24 hours over paperwork that ...

Branson Airport launches first flight with Via Airlines

May 26th 2017 4:56PM
We've been working with Via Airlines on this for over a year now,” Bourk said. “Both the Via Airlines team and the Branson Airport team have worked ...

United President Says Passengers Should Get Used to Tight Coach Seating

May 26th 2017 4:22PM
As one its major competitors, American Airlines, reduces seat pitch on some new airplanes, might United Airlines seek a competitive advantage by ...

Canadian fliers to gain support against 'bumping' on airlines

May 26th 2017 4:00PM
Bumping has been the subject of ugly scenes recently on several U.S. airlines and will be part of the changes expected to become law next year.

Woman says Delta Air Lines is holding her puppy hostage in Guatemala

May 26th 2017 3:36PM
After checking with a few airlines on their pet policies, she hired moving company Pet Air Carrier, paid nearly $3,000 in fees, and even drove to ...

Turkish Airlines hosts tourism meet

May 26th 2017 3:26PM
Turkish Airlines organised the first Black Sea Tourism and Investment Summit - Middle East & North Africa (Mena) region in Rize, Turkey earlier this ...

Man accused of trying to bite American Airlines flight attendant

May 26th 2017 3:15PM
Tun Lon Sein, 22, is facing a federal charge after he allegedly attempted to bite a flight attendant on an American Airlines flight at Charlotte Douglas ...

Spirit Airlines CEO Sends Email To Customers Apologizing For Pilots Strike -- 2 Weeks Later.

May 26th 2017 3:15PM
In the statement, Fornaro admitted that the airline did not live up to its commitment of delivering great service and vowed to make a change. Spirit ...

How technology is transforming the way airlines handle your luggage

May 26th 2017 3:09PM
Already, technology is transforming the airline luggage experience and making it increasingly likely your bag will end up with you at your final ...

Flying Salmon Marks the Retirement of the First Alaska Airlines 737-400 Combi

May 26th 2017 3:03PM
As I headed to the eighth annual Alaska Airlines Copper River Cook Off I was excited, but a little nervous about my story angle. For six years I shared a ...

United's dragging incident pulls down carrier's brand perception to historic lows

May 26th 2017 1:33PM
United Airlines took a major brand perception hit in the wake of David Dao being dragged from United Express Flight 3411 on April 9. That's the ...

Flying high: Dak Prescott to appear on cover of American Airlines' in-flight magazine

May 26th 2017 1:11PM
Former Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott will be featured on the cover of American Way magazine, the airline's official in-flight publication, ...

Women sue United Airlines for $85K after hard landing

May 26th 2017 1:11PM
PORTLAND, Oregon (KOIN) – Two Vancouver women are suing United Airlines for nearly $85,000 after claiming they were injured when their plane ...

Hawaiian Airlines rolls out spring refresh

May 26th 2017 1:11PM
Hawaiian Airlines now offers premium cabins with lie-flat seats on all of its San ... On May 1, Hawaiian Airlines unveiled a new brand and livery.